Friday, June 18, 2010

Bookmarks and Lanyards

I've decided to try my hand at bookmarks and lanyards. I'm more impressed at my lanyard than anything. I'm proud of everything I make, but this turned out better than I thought. I decided to post a quick blog to share my newest "mad" skills with everyone.

You can find my bookthong bookmarks on Artfire here.

And you can find my lanyards on Artfire here.

I can't wait to make another lanyard. They are quite addicting!

Thanks for stopping by.

Mika (MJ's Jewelry)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Free Shipping!

You read right, I've decided to try free shipping to get some sort of sales during this very very very...very very very dry spell I'm going through.

For a limited time (not sure just how limited yet) I'm offering free shipping on my resin pendants! They range from various sizes (1x1 inch square & scrabble tiles) and have various images (from Twilight to my own creations).

So what are you waiting for?!?! Click here now!

Have a great weekend!

Mika (MJ)

Friday, April 9, 2010

New Listings On Old Favorites

I added 4 sets of earrings to Artfire tonight. The funny thing is, these 4 have been around my house for about a year. The photos I had of them, well...they were not the greatest in the world. I was finally able to catch the sun just right in my "spot" to re-do the photos.

Here is my listing for the red hemp earrings.

Here is the listing for the elegant black earrings.

Here is the listing for the second pair of hemp earrings.

Here is the final listing.

Anyone else have items they haven't added to Artfire or Etsy and you've had forever?

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

<3 Mika *MJ*

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pink And Elegant. Did I just make this???

To answer my own question (it's ok to answer yourself, right?..of course!) yes I actually made a girly, foo-foo bracelet and earring set. The scary part is, I'm in love with them! As it stands, I'm not a girly-girl. I never have been. Black has and always will be my favorite color. But I guess something about Spring just opens my mind up to other avenues...even though this set would not match my tattoo and nose piercing to a T...I am proud of my work. :)

Last night I listed these earrings. You can find the earrings here.

Today I listed the matching bracelet. You can find it here.

My Mother would be unhappy if she knew I was using her antique pitcher (that for what ever reason she told me to take it home?) as a prop...but what mama don't know won't hurt her.

Yep, very proud of these two.

Time to settle down. Work comes early tomorrow.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

No photos of the items I've been creating yet. Resin is still sitting up, but I will have them soon. In the mean time I decided to add a few of my favorite items on Etsy. These are my wish list...and there are many more not listed.

Hope you enjoy!

From Top-Bottom, Left-Right

1) The Waterfall a turquoise organza pearl and moss hair wreath by: gardensofwhimsy
2) Cashmere scarf with metallic stripes by: laurenshari13
3) Tiny Tulips Kitty ZipPURR Pouch by: catcalls
4) Petals of Spring Soap Slice by: asliceofdelight
5) Hippy Girl Handmade Soap made w/real Coconut Milk by: deshawnmarie
6) Womens Crochet Headband with Bow Accent-Ivory by: brokenhallelujah
7) Bohemian Rhapsody Hipster Necklace by: faerymoongoddess
8) Twilight Inspired Black and Crimson Double Bloom Headband by: JLRYDesigns
9) A Sing Red Drop Necklace by: Gamut
10) The Audrey Bucket hat/croche with Detachable flower by: OlivanHampton

Happy Friday Eve everyone!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring/Summer Necklaces

I listed two necklaces today on Artfire. Both remind me of a spring/summer throw on with any outfit accessory.

The first is for a Sun Charm Turquoise Beaded Necklace.

You can view the listing here.

The second listing is for Yellow Glass Beaded Necklace.

You can view the listing here.

Here is to a great Spring and Summer with lots of accessories to help!!!

MJ (Mika)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New New New

Despite being deathly ill the past week I have been more productive on the web than in the past few months. Inspiration has it's hold on me and I'm hoping it doesn't let go any time soon (except for sleep maybe).

For starters I have listed my latest Huck Weaving Blanket.

You can find the blanket here in my Artfire shop.

And today I became a jewelry making mad woman. I made two amazing beaded necklaces(es) which won't be listed until tomorrow (boo) and listed 6 different scrabble tile and silver square pendants I've recently finished.

My Twilight inspired scrabble tile pendants:

View in my Artfire store here

View in my Artfire store here

View in my Artfire store here

And of course the other pretty pendants!

View in my Artfire store here

View in my Artfire store here

View in my Artfire store here

More jewelry to come very very soon.

Happy (early) Spring to everyone!


MJ (Mika)